Nonprofit Organizational Assessment

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CNPE's Nonprofit Organizational Self-Assessment (OSA) is an online tool to help you better understand your organization's operational strengths and weaknesses in eleven categories. Members receive the full report which benchmarks your organization against the entire community of takers. Nonmembers can still take the assessment as a visitor, but will receive abbreviated results.

Both members and non-members may elect to pay for a multi-point comprehensive assessment. The multi-point takes the power of this tool one step further by allowing you to compare and contrast the responses from both staff and board members, as well as benchmark your results against a community of takers. Contact us to get started with a multi-point assessment.

It is recommended that organizations complete one of these assessments yearly. It takes just 15 minutes per respondent.  IT MUST BE COMPLETED WHEN STARTED. You will not be able to save your work and then come back to it.

Not a member? Take the organizational assessment as a visitor

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