CNPE Members: Database Registration

New Database Here

We have completed our database upgrade! Here is where we need your help. Please take the steps below to supply our database with the information our community needs. This will allow CNPE to discover gaps in representation and help members connect with one another.

The data will also help us develop a deeper understanding of which voices we are hearing – and, more importantly, which voices we are not. We will be able to address gaps in service, determine member diversity, create more effective offerings, and help design new ways of supporting organizations. Ideally, we will engage nonprofits that may not have access to or connections with the local philanthropic community.

Please act in the next few days. Doing this promptly will let you continue to access CNPE resources without getting accidentally locked out.

Here’s how:
1. Reset your password by CLICKING HERE and supply your email address.
2. After you reset your password and log back into the portal, click on the “My Profile” tab in the teal navigation bar, click the EDIT button on the “My Profile” page and verify any prepopulated information, fill in any blank fields, and hit SAVE. (This is confidential demographic information. No one from your organization will be able to view your personal profile, nor can you view anyone else’s.)

If you are the Admin for your account follow the next two steps. If you are not the Admin for your organization’s account, you are DONE! 
3. If you are the Administrator for your account, return to the “My Dashboard” tab in the teal navigation bar and then click the link for “My (Sector) Profile” below the teal navigation bar. You will see an EDIT button to click. Verify any prepopulated information, fill out all blank fields with the correct information for your organization, and hit SAVE.
4. (Again, for Administrators:) Go back to the teal navigation bar and click the tab “Organization Members” to update who we have in our database for your organization. To remove former staff or board members, click on their name and check the box for “no longer with the organization.” To add names, use the new contact form. Thank you for being a wonderful partner in this process; we hope you enjoy the benefits of this new system!