Submit a Fund for the Arts NeXt project by June 30!

NeXt Project In need of help with an Arts & Culture Project? Submit a NeXt Project by June 30 Fund for the Arts’ NeXt program offers hands-on engagement from young professionals and arts organizations through the incorporation of group projects. … Read More

June 2017: A Note From Sarah

A Note From Sarah: “Sarah, we’re really struggling to find new board members… what do you suggest?” I hear this in conversations with nonprofits all the time. My response is always simple: I ask if they’ve heard of BoardMatch. CNPE created this … Read More

May 2017: A Note From Ed

A Note From Ed: I have a confession to make. I do not like the term “consultant.” The term just leaves me cold. It feels uninviting, stodgy to me—maybe even arrogant. And those connotations linger in my imagination as I … Read More