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A Note From Hannah: Facebook Algorithm Changes 2018

If you’re managing your organization’s social media, you may have noticed your Facebook engagement starting to look a little…. different.

For us, it meant our “reach” and the general number of likes on each post went down fast. Wondering what’s going on? Well, here’s the scoop:


Facebook is changing the way they organize user’s Newsfeeds in an attempt to prioritize what your friends, family, and other users have to say on their platform above content being posted by organizations, companies, and other pages.


This change is still fairly new, but most page owners are already feeling effects like lower engagement, shares, likes, reach, and more. So… what do we do about it? As nonprofits, it’s often a given that our budget is under scrutiny. It may even be that those of you reading this are a one-person communications department: running social media, e-communications, PR, and more on your own. (Fellow nonprofit media magicians, I empathize — let’s do lunch sometime.)

With low resources and an ever-changing social media landscape, let’s chat about what we CAN do to keep our social media community engaged:


1. Encourage your current followers to click “See First” so they’re guaranteed to get your content in their Newsfeed. There are lots of simple and FREE ways to do this — from a live video to a quick graphic, get creative!


2. Think of your Facebook as a place to generate genuine conversation and community moving forward, rather than simply sharing content.


3. On that note, STOP ENGAGEMENT BAITING. We’ve all done it: “Share for a chance to win…” or “Like if you support…” and the list goes on. Facebook’s algorithm will, moving forward, literally lower the chances of you getting engagement on these posts. If you haven’t already, stop posting ’em now.


4. Instead, diversify your content. Video and live content, especially, are going to be surefire hits as Facebook’s algorithm continues to value them.


5. Lastly, branch out and bring your followers to other platforms. If you’re running an engaging Instagram or a thought-provoking Twitter, use Facebook and emails to start sending your folks there.


It’s important to remember there are no magic buttons (as much as we nonprofit media magicians might wish for one). These are, however, all FREE tools we can try on that can help us better raise awareness about our mission in a turbulent, ever-changing, digital world. Got questions? Have a better idea you want to share? We’d love to hear from you.


Hannah E. Nitzken
Director of Communications
Center for Nonprofit Excellence