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Q&A with the KY Dept. of Revenue: Part One

House Bill 487 significantly expands sales tax collection in KY and contains provisions in the law worrisome to nonprofits — potentially requiring sales tax to be assessed on: admission memberships attendance at events and even things like auction items. We can all … Read More

City’s HUD Grant Applications Being Accepted

For Immediate Release:                   Media Contacts:                   Debbie Belt, 574-6587 / 303-6167 Joseph Lord, 574-4543 / 216-5491   CDBG, ESG and HOPWA grants included … Read More

Meet the D:E Class of 2018

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the 2018 class of our esteemed leadership training, Destination:Excellence. Destination:Excellence (D:E) is uniquely designed to elevate the leadership capabilities of Executive Directors, CEOs, or Senior Leaders. CLASS OF 2018: Dustin Bishop | Executive Director | … Read More

Women 4 Women Accepting Grant Applications

Contact: Misty Cruse Executive Director 502-931-5549   Louisville, KY (January 23, 2018) – Women 4 Women is currently accepting grant applications from area nonprofits working with women and girls in Louisville. The organization plans to award more than $100,000 … Read More

It’s lonely at the top.

That’s why CNPE created a nonprofit leadership program that brings nonprofit leaders together. In a six-month period, Destination:Excellence (D:E) is designed to elevate the leadership capabilities of Executive Directors, CEOs, or Senior Leadership. The program is uniquely tailored to the needs of a nonprofit … Read More

Two​ ​of​ ​Louisville’s​ ​Leading​ ​HR​ ​Firms​ ​are​ ​Joining​ ​Forces

FOR​ ​IMMEDIATE​ ​RELEASE​ ​12/6/17 Two​ ​of​ ​Louisville’s​ ​Leading​ ​HR​ ​Firms​ ​are​ ​Joining​ ​Forces Who:​ ​CenterPoint​ ​HR​ ​and​ ​HR​ ​Affiliates What:​ ​Merging When:​ ​December​ ​1,​ ​2017 LOUISVILLE,​ ​KY​ ​-​ ​December 6, 2017 – Today’s complicated business environment is encouraging many small- … Read More

Submit a Fund for the Arts NeXt project by June 30!

NeXt Project In need of help with an Arts & Culture Project? Submit a NeXt Project by June 30 Fund for the Arts’ NeXt program offers hands-on engagement from young professionals and arts organizations through the incorporation of group projects. … Read More