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Today we have quite a range of online opportunities for you, from the tactical to the strategic:
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Toolkits: Train the Trainer (Level 2)
CFPB logoIf you have completed the Level 1 Certification program, you will want to continue your financial empowerment education training with Joseph Cecil of the Community Financial Empowerment Certification Program as he shows how to use the CFPB’s toolkits, Behind on Bills, Credit, Debt, and Saving. The session is at 10 AM tomorrow, Tuesday, August 4. This webinar is free for both members and nonmembers, but does presume that you attended Level 1; details here.
Strategic Partnerships, Collaborations, and Mergers (free for members)
Maybe you should not go it alone – or at least not plan to do so indefinitely. COVID-19 and the fight for racial equity and justice have created unprecedented challenges for our region’s nonprofits. As nonprofits consider strategies for the future, it is not unusual for a board or staff to explore the possibility of partnerships or collaborations with other nonprofits – and a merger might even be on the table. But before plunging into a strategic alliance, you should be familiar with common pitfalls and challenges. In a webinar at 9 AM this Wednesday, August 5, Nadya Shmavonian, Director of the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund, will set out the precursor ideas and questions to address when considering a strategic collaboration for mission continuity. Free for members; $50 for nonmembers; register here.
Work from Home, Back at Work, and In Between – What Employers Need to Consider Now
 “Going back to work” can mean many different things in our current pandemic environment. Some may continue to work from home (WFH), some are already back in an office, and others are doing a hybrid. Whatever your work situation, there is a lot to consider as we navigate a pandemic that we can’t seem to shake off. Join Jennifer Wheatley and Amy Olds at 9 AM on Wednesday, August 12, as they discuss WFH considerations, “return to the office” discussions, and “in between” issues such as updated policies, upcoming school decisions, and unemployment. This webinar is $25 for members and $50 for nonmembers; register here.
(We don’t want cost to prevent members from attending our webinars. If it is, please ask for a scholarship. To become a member, see the link at the bottom of this eNews.)
Special webinar from CNPE and the Greater Louisville Project 
You will want to join us on Friday, August 14, at 9 AM, as three local leaders will unpack the findings of Greater Louisville Project’s just-released report, “The Flow of Community Investment.” The panel comprises Ben Reno-Weber, the Director of the Greater Louisville Project; Jeana Dunlap, a Community Investment Specialist at the Louisville Coordinated Community Investment Project; and Ann Coffey, CNPE’s CEO. They will be addressing one of the competitive measures in the GLP report – Louisville’s low ranking in the percentage of income given by high-income donors in our community. They will also explore how this level of giving might be enhanced and community engagement increased. You can register for this free webinar here.
A compendium of self-care tips during our time of distancing
As you might expect, Self magazine has a lot of self-care tips. We found this list of nine items, from a few months ago, useful during a time when pandemic-related isolation has upset many routines. They call it an “anti-to-do list.” Most of them emphasize going easy on yourself.
Thanks for all you do to support our community. CNPE is here to help. Please stay in touch.My best,

Ann L. Coffey, CEO