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Tell your Senators to help save nonprofits from cash flow nightmares
The National Council of Nonprofits is calling on all nonprofits to contact their U.S. senators and urge them to immediately pass S.4001, the Protecting Nonprofits from Catastrophic Cash Flow Strain Act. If the Senate passes this bipartisan bill by unanimous consent this week before leaving for its July 4th break, it will overrule the Labor Department’s harmful interpretation of the CARES Act’s provisions on unemployment insurance before it causes more nonprofits avoidable financial harm. This act will help the thousands of nonprofits that are “reimbursing employers” instead of contributing to states’ unemployment insurance programs.This issue may seem esoteric, but it really affects the financial health of a lot of nonprofits, including CNPE. The Nonprofit Quarterly gives both details on the issue and explicit instructions for emailing your senators in this article. Take five minutes and do it today. Thank you.

PPP extended until August 8
The deadline for applying for Paycheck Protection Program loans was June 30 (yesterday). But a vote by the Senate last night extended the program for another five weeks, until August 8. The bill still needs the President to sign it, but this extension will allow small businesses (and nonprofits!) to apply for the $130 billion not yet lent out. So if you have not applied yet – or if you applied and were turned down and want to try again – you have a new window of opportunity.

Still baffled by how and whether to stage an online fundraising event?
Virtual meeting imageYou will definitely want to attend our webinar on Wednesday, July 15, from 9:00 to 10:15 AM, “Virtual Events – A Practical Look at the Why and How of Online Events,” led by international experts Simon Scriber and Nikki Bell. The fee is $25 for members and $50 for nonmembers, but we offer scholarships for members. Details and registration here.

GLP’s report release: “The Flow of Community Investment”
The Greater Louisville Project (GLP) is releasing its 2019 Competitive City Update: The Flow of Community Investment, which takes a comprehensive look at how the public, private, and government sectors invest in our community. (The primary finding is that Louisville invests less than peer cities with similar resources.) Join community leaders from these three sectors via Zoom on Tuesday, July 7, at 11:00 AM to learn about the data and ask questions. Sign up here.

Community-Centric Fundraising
CCF logoConsider for a moment that traditional ways that nonprofits raise funds may be furthering the injustice those very nonprofits are trying to fight. Ideally, fundraising practices should be grounded in equity, anti-racism, and racial and economic justice. Our friend (and former keynote speaker) Vu Le is hoping to make fundraising more responsive to community needs by launching a “Community-Centric Fundraising” movement. You can hear Vu’s announcement on Monday, July 13, at 2 PM ET. Interested? Sign up for details here.

Leadership changes at Maryhurst
Maryhurst is saying goodbye to CEO Judy Lambeth after 46 years (!) of service and welcoming Paula Garner, a 20-year employee (and former COO) as the new President and CEO. Ideisha Bellamy has been named as Maryhurst’s new COO.

If you’d like to announce a new senior nonprofit leader or board member, tell us.

As we approach this Independence Day, let’s remember that “Until we are all free, we are none of us free.” (That’s from Emma Lazarus, who also wrote “The New Colossus,” the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty.)

Wishing liberty – and justice – for all,

Ann L. Coffey, CEO