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Ethical nonprofit marketing: Strategies for a more just and equitable recovery
Scales of justice iconAt 9 AM this Thursday, July 23, Deon Stokes will help you position your nonprofit to even greater good and impact once we start to recover from this pandemic, mounting recessionary worries, and racial injustice protests. She can help you craft a strong marketing plan using a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) lens. This webinar is free to members but $50 for nonmembers; details and registration here.
Managing/fundraising/communicating virtually in an isolating world
Connection iconCommunicating virtually is a learnable skill – it even presents its own opportunities and benefits. In this webinar at 9 AM on Thursday, July 30, Beverly Bartlett, Senior Strategist at C2 Com­munications, will share valuable tips and techniques to help you get your point across, keep your audience’s attention, and elevate your virtual impact. This webinar is $25 for members and $50 for nonmembers; details and registration here.
(We don’t want cost to prevent members from attending our webinars. If it is, please ask for a scholarship. To become a member, see the link at the bottom of this eNews.)
Webinar offered by AFP
The Greater Louisville Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals is offering a webinar on Wednesday, July 22, from noon to 1 PM on “Planning Successful Events During and Post Pandemic.” Free to members, $10 for nonmembers; details here.
CNPE self-care tip
Bear imageWhile you are at your desk, take a few minutes watching a live bear cam, complete with the sound of rushing water. You can choose among five different cameras – or go to the “Meditation” link if there is no current activity. Watching the circle of life spin for a bit can soothe your mind quickly.
Thanks for all you do to support our community. CNPE is here to help. Please stay in touch.My best,

Ann L. Coffey, CEO