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Building engagement during times of crisis | Getting a grip on your finances

Now that many of us have adjusted to remote work and settled into a work-from-home routine during the pandemic, it’s essential for leaders to actively foster staff engagement and productivity. No one is sure when – or whether – “business as usual” will resume. Until then, how can you help your people stay focused and engaged?

David Neumann, PhDOur presenter, Dave Neumann, PhD, is an organizational development and HR expert with 36 years of experience in helping organizations. During his 22-year career with Yum Brands, he served as Director of Organization Development and as Chief HR Officer for KFC, Long John’s Silvers, and A&W Restaurants. His broad expertise encompasses organizational change, strategic planning, culture development, executive team-building, coaching, and talent management.

Join Dave on Tuesday, April 14, at 9:00 AM, for his webinar on Building Engagement During Times of Crisis. He will give you tips for helping your remote team stay focused and engaged in the midst of this slow-moving crisis. You can register here.

And another free webinar this week …
This Thursday, April 16, at 9:00 AM, we have an important webinar on finances: “Evaluating Your Nonprofit’s Financial Position in the Wake of COVID-19” from Jeff McCaffrey, CPA, and Christine Koenig, CPA, both DMLO partners. Your 2020 financial plans have probably been upended. This webinar will guide you through a timely review of your financial plan and will show you how to adapt your budget to the ongoing crisis. Jeff and Christine will help you determine your immediate available cash reserves, evaluate changes in revenues and expenses, revise your budget, and reach out to donors and grantors. You can register here.

Thanks to our volunteer presenters and sponsors who make these free webinars possible.

Did you miss a webinar? Get access to webinars and download handouts here.

“The List”: CNPE continually curates its useful COVID-19 Nonprofit Resources List.

The Facebook Group: Join our new Nonprofit Community Connection Facebook Group to engage informally with other local nonprofits and the CNPE staff on issues you are either struggling with or have had some success with. Our group tagline is “Learning through crisis to build a better world.” We already have more than 100 members – please join us.

CNPosturePE Self-Care Tip of the Day: Face it, your posture is not as good as it should be – particularly if you’re staring at a screen all day. More than two million people have viewed this chiropractor’s 10-minute YouTube video to learn three really simple exercises to fix “forward head posture” – the most common posture defect. Your mother was right – you need to straighten up!

Hang in there. CNPE has your back. We want to stay engaged with you.

My best,

Ann L. Coffey, CEO

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