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Decision-makers need your input: Please take this important two-minute survey

We need to hear from you on how you are doing with SBA loans. Just a few weeks ago, the federal CARES Act gave nonprofits access to both forgivable loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Emergency Injury Disaster Loans. (The first $10,000 under the EIDL program is generally a grant rather than a loan.) Nonprofits must apply through banks for PPP loans but must apply directly to the SBA for EIDL loans.

Our funding and stakeholder communities need to know how SBA funds are flowing to nonprofits like yours.

So, CNPE is doing a flash survey to see whether nonprofits in Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana are actually securing funds under either loan program. The survey should take you only two minutes. Please respond by noon on Thursday, April 16. We will report back soon with the results.

Take Flash Survey

Upcoming free CEO Roundtable webinars

  • Tomorrow, April 16, at 9:00 AM, we have an important webinar on finances: “Evaluating Your Nonprofit’s Financial Position in the Wake of COVID-19” from Jeff McCaffrey, CPA, and Christine Koenig, CPA, both DMLO partners. Your 2020 financial plans have probably been upended. This webinar will guide you through a timely review of your financial plan and will show you how to adapt your budget to the ongoing crisis. Jeff and Christine will help you determine your immediate available cash reserves, evaluate changes in revenues and expenses, revise your budget, and reach out to donors and grantors. You can register here.
  • Next Tuesday, April 21, at 9:00 AM, our own Ed Cortas, Director of Consulting Services, will offer timely strategic advice on Board Engagement during a Crisis. Nonprofits obviously benefit when their boards support and advise them in ordinary times. But in extraordinary times like these, it’s imperative to keep boards informed and engaged. Ed’s many years of experience in nonprofit consulting inform his advice. In this 75-minute webinar, he will present specific ways that nonprofits’ senior leadership can – and should – be relying on their boards for guidance to both weather current challenges and position organizations for success once this storm has passed. You can register here.
  • Next Thursday, April 23, at 2;00 PM, we are hosting a timely webinar on Fundraising in the Age of Coronavirus – How Nonprofits Can Navigate Turbulent Times. Our presenter, Bill Stanczykiewicz, a core faculty member of IUPUI’s Lilly School of Philanthropy, will be offering advice on how to (a) make up for revenue lost due to cancellations (canceling events, selling tickets etc.); (b) empower and encourage your donors when they are afraid, too; and (c) keep fear and anxiety from overwhelming your organization’s future. You can register here.

Thanks to our volunteer presenters and sponsors who make these free webinars possible.

“The List”: CNPE continually curates its useful COVID-19 Nonprofit Resources List.

The Facebook Group: Join our new Nonprofit Community Connection Facebook Group to engage informally with other local nonprofits and the CNPE staff on issues you are either struggling with or have had some success with. Our group tagline is “Learning through crisis to build a better world.” We already have more than 140 members – please join us.

CNPE Self-Care Tip of the Day: Gardening can reduce stress, clear your mind, and even improve your sleep. So plant some flowers or vegetables and try out your green thumb. In the coming days, it may even be useful to be able to harvest vegetables from your own yard.

Hang in there. CNPE has your back. We want to help you take advantage of every resource that can help you through this unsettled time.

My best,

Ann L. Coffey, CEO

The CNPE office is closed temporarily to help ensure everyone’s health. Our staff will be working remotely, though, and remain available to help members. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. CNPE Staff Contacts

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