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Gratitude in Action 2017

It’s that time of year.

Our team is full of gratitude – for our Board, our members, for each of you reading this, and so much more. This week, I’ve seen gratitude pouring out in emails and social media posts from our community. It’s a wonderful feeling.

But gratitude isn’t just a feeling. It’s an ACTION.

If you’re grateful to live in a community where children have access to after-school programs, where the arts flourish, where immigrants are welcome, and more… take your gratitude one step further and support Greater Louisville’s nonprofits. This can look like giving your time, talent, or treasure. Whatever you have to give. It all helps put your gratitude in action.

Looking for a nonprofit to support? Check out our membership directory to see hundreds of amazing organizations that need you. Or, head to CNPE’s websiteand consider being a part of our mission to elevate, align, and grow Greater Louisville’s entire nonprofit sector.

This week, make your gratitude more than a feeling. Help us be a community full of gratitude in action!



Gregory Nielsen
Center for Nonprofit Excellence