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A Note From Sarah:

“Sarah, we’re really struggling to find new board members… what do you suggest?”

I hear this in conversations with nonprofits all the time. My response is always simple: I ask if they’ve heard of BoardMatch.

CNPE created this community tool to elevate Board leadership and help nonprofits connect with individuals who are excited about their mission. Today we have over 400 individuals who have created a profile in the hopes of connecting with nonprofits here in Greater Louisville!

We have the ability to walk with you each step of the way to make sure you have the resources and support you need each day to do your amazing work. Look to CNPE not just to find your next Board member, but to provide Board development so your Board shows up prepared. We can even facilitate Board retreats with our experienced consultants.

All our nonprofit members can create and post openings for free right now. We know how many challenges you face each day — finding passionate people should never be one of them.

If you’re still reading this and not creating your profile now, it might be because you have a few questions. Give me a call at 502.618.5327 or drop me an email and we’ll walk through the process of signing up for BoardMatch together!

Sarah Stalker
Director of Community Engagement & Membership
Center for Nonprofit Excellence