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November 2017: A Note From Greg

It’s been nearly two weeks since our Annual Conference and our team is still feeling SO energized.

But it’s normal for the day-to-day needs of any organization to distract from the energy created any one given day.

“Fortune Befriends the Bold” is more than a quote from an Emily Dickinson poem — It is a call to action for each of us today and EVERY DAY, all year long.

In order to be relevant, to rise to the challenges of our times, we as a community and a sector MUST be bold. To advocate for our mission and those we serve. To give voice to the voiceless. To articulate who we are and who we want to be as a community.

We are all doers. Leaders. Advocates. Champions. There may have been a time where we could sit on the sidelines, remain neutral, and ride out a trying time. This is not that time. This community needs you. But to lead in these times, we need a new paradigm because the status quo and business as usual simply won’t cut it. This new paradigm is built on a foundation of bold action:

  • Bold is leaning in to collaborations and new ways of approaching our work that enable us to tackle the tough challenges of poverty, hunger, inequality, and oppression
  • Bold is working for justice with equal fervor as we work for peace
  • Bold is cultivating a community that welcomes and respects all — not in spite of our differences, but because of them
  • Bold is not allowing our roles as philanthropist, nonprofit leader, or corporate executive to divide us, but rather viewing them as essential pieces of an amazing mosaic that will lead to incredible breakthroughs in our community.

This is an incredible challenge and an amazing opportunity. It is a challenge to you and also to us at CNPE. As we move boldly into our future, we will passionately pursue our collective vision of this community, the whole community, reaching its full potential through the excellence of our nonprofit sector. We are ready for this challenge, and I know you are too.

Let’s be bold and create the future together.



Gregory Nielsen
Center for Nonprofit Excellence