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It IS Lonely at the Top: Free Leadership Support in These Challenging Times

As part of our commitment to guide nonprofits during this challenging time, CNPE is offering free consulting support for nonprofit leaders.

 In times of crisis, nonprofit leaders need help that goes beyond getting the answer to a specific question or resolving a particular issue. We’re here to provide that help.

What is CNPE offering? Up to an hour of free consulting with one of our seasoned nonprofit consultants.

Who can benefit from this offer? CEOs, Executive Directors, executive staff, board chairs, and other board officers.

How can CNPE help? Our consultants can help leaders think through critical challenges and issues by encouraging you and by serving as a resource and a sounding board. Here are the types of questions we can help you answer:

  • How do I both manage and lead in times of crisis?
  • How do I keep my board engaged? What should they be focusing on now?
  • My strategic plan is derailed for now. How do I plan for the next 30, 60, 90 days – and still not lose our strategic focus?
  • Things are changing so fast. How do I recalibrate and keep moving forward?
  • How do I maintain morale and hold the team together?
  • Everyone’s working from home. How do I keep everyone engaged, focused, and positive about their work?
  • How do I think through the longer-term implications of the decisions I am making now?
  • How do I project strength and confidence when I’m as uncertain and anxious as everyone else?

How can you connect with a CNPE consultant? Complete and submit this simple form. We’ll strive to respond within one business day to schedule a virtual meeting.

We are eager to hear from you. Meanwhile, hang in there. Your work has never been more important. It is an honor to walk with you in these times as you provide so much critical support to our community.