August 2017: A Note From Greg

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”  This weekend, hate, bigotry, and racism reared their ugly heads on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, inciting violence that cost the lives of innocent Americans. The repercussions of these despicable actions reverberate across … Read More

July 2017: A Note From Greg

“Fortune befriends the bold.” -ED This is more than just a quote written by the famous poet, Emily Dickinson. We’re thrilled to announce it’s also the theme of our Annual Conference this year. Challenging times require bold leadership. What does … Read More

Submit a Fund for the Arts NeXt project by June 30!

NeXt Project In need of help with an Arts & Culture Project? Submit a NeXt Project by June 30 Fund for the Arts’ NeXt program offers hands-on engagement from young professionals and arts organizations through the incorporation of group projects. … Read More

June 2017: A Note From Sarah

A Note From Sarah: “Sarah, we’re really struggling to find new board members… what do you suggest?” I hear this in conversations with nonprofits all the time. My response is always simple: I ask if they’ve heard of BoardMatch. CNPE created this … Read More

May 2017: A Note From Ed

A Note From Ed: I have a confession to make. I do not like the term “consultant.” The term just leaves me cold. It feels uninviting, stodgy to me—maybe even arrogant. And those connotations linger in my imagination as I … Read More