CNPE’s Role in Ending Racial Injustice*

Influenced and informed by:

  • recognition that the nonprofit sector has played a role in perpetrating racial injustices;
  • heightened awareness of the racial injustices in our community;
  • A Path Forward for Louisville and other community-driven solutions and recommendations; and
  • living and working in one of America’s most racially segregated communities,

CNPE believes that structural racism perpetuates inequities that threaten our community’s well-being. The nonprofit sector must learn what systemic changes are needed to build a more inclusive and just society – and it must learn from those most impacted by these inequities.

CNPE’s Reckoning:

The CNPE Board and staff acknowledge these injustices and their impact on Black communities and the role nonprofits have in creating a just and equitable community. The CNPE Board and staff will work to understand how CNPE, a white-founded and white-led organization, has been complicit in racial inequity. CNPE will commit to change how it works with, connects to, and supports Black nonprofit leaders and Black-led organizations.

CNPE’s First Steps:

CNPE started focusing more on equity and justice in the fall of 2019 as part of its strategic plan­ning process. A major priority in the strategic plan the Board adopted in November 2020 is to have CNPE oper­ate through an equity lens. In pursuit of that pri­or­ity, as of March 2021:

  • CNPE has hired Gifted by Design, a Black-led consulting practice, to work with CNPE staff to develop a plan to support Black nonprofit leaders and organizations. (November 2020)
  • CNPE has organized, developed, and launched its first cohort of “Nonprofit Leaders Advancing Racial Equity” – 16 white non­profit leaders of influence going through a six-month program of learning, self-awareness, and planning. (Class began January 2021)
  • CNPE has organized, piloted, and launched the Community Activation Network (CAN) to create a virtual space in our non­profit community where everyone can learn together, be heard, and strengthen connections. (Launched publicly January 2021)
  • CNPE’s board of directors hired The Racial Healing Project, a Black-led consulting group, to guide CNPE through an assess­ment, training, and the development of a three-year equity plan to ensure that our trainings, offerings, and consulting are inclusive and address the needs of Black nonprofit leaders and organizations. (February 2021)
  • CNPE built, staffed, and launched its School for Fundraising & Engagement (in collaboration with Ashley|Rountree & Asso­ci­ates) – a virtual school with diverse advisors, diverse faculty, and generous seed money for scholarships. The school operates through an equity lens to ensure that Black-led organizations have access to affordable training in fundraising and community engagement. (Launched March 2021, with classes beginning in April)

*The CNPE Board of Directors approved this statement on March 11, 2021. The Board will review this statement quarterly and update it as needed. (Last reviewed 04/15/21).