David Hunt, Founder & Director, David Hunt & Associates

David is the founder of the Community Building Storytelling Project, a project designed to reintroduce storytelling into American culture as a tool to build community and heal America. He has been trained in, and uses, a wide variety of techniques and tools including storytelling to create sacred space where the voices and visions of all that are gathered can be shared and heard. He has also become a nationally recognized teacher and leader in organizing for social change.

From 1988 to 1995, David served as the Executive Director of the Chicago Rehab Network, a 35-year-old coalition organization of Chicago’s community development corporations dedicated to Community Development without Displacement. Under David’s leadership, the Rehab Network led a very successful, broad-based, citywide campaign including over 250 organizations, known as the Chicago Affordable Housing and Community Jobs Campaign, which resulted in the city of Chicago targeting $750 million to low-income housing development.

David’s work has taken him across the United States and around the globe studying and sharing the power of story to heal and build community, or as he likes to say, “build common unity”. His travel destinations include Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Nicaragua, Bali, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Chiappas, Mexico, Brazil, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Costa Rica, Benin, Spain, Morocco, Cuba, Australia, Senegal, Thailand and many other wonderful places.

Along the journey, David has won many awards in addition to his W.K. Kellogg National Leadership Fellowship: Crain’s Chicago Business “people under forty to watch,” The Chicago Organizers of the Year Award from the John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation, as well as the Woods and Weiboldt Foundations.

David invites you to sit down close to the fire, stay a while and share a story or two.