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Eric Schmall

Eric Schmall, consultantEric has spent his career in management and consulting for 50 years across all three of our society’s sectors: public, private, and non-profit. Beginning with service as an intelligence officer in the US Air Force, Eric later worked in the federal civil service as a management analyst, and then joined the private sector as a technical manager, culminating as director of a Fortune 100 firm’s telecommunications voice and data network systems.

In 2001, Eric joined CNPE as Director of Consultation. During his 12-year tenure, he conducted over 1,000 board retreats and workshops. As a consultant, he focuses on effective board governance, stra­tegic planning, and the interrelationship between leadership and management. From his experiences at CNPE, Eric authored two books on non­profits: Striving for Excellence in the Social Sector (2010) and Shipshape: An Uncomplicated Guide to Navigating Your Nonprofit (2013)

Eric has broad teaching experience as an adjunct professor at Indiana University Southeast, Bellarmine University, and the University of Louisville in areas of management and nonprofit operations.

Reflecting upon his half-century involvement in all three sectors, Eric says that his most inspiring and rewarding experiences occurred in the nonprofit sector, where he helped influence organizations make profound changes for good in this community.

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