Accounting Manager

Employer: Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Job Description:

Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) seeks an Accounting Manager to track and report on over $7 million in annual income and expense for KRM’s Louisville and Lexington offices. The position is based in Louisville and reports to the KRM Executive Director.

Agency income derives primarily from federal grants KRM receives as a sub-recipient from the Kentucky Office for Refugees (KOR), Church World Service (CWS) and Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM). Municipal and foundational grants, charitable donations, and fee-for-service immigration legal services and interpreter services offices round out agency funding.
Grant income supports a broad range of refugee assistance, case management, social service or educational programs.

In coordination with agency management, the Accounting Manager will prepare individual program budgets and integrate these into an overall agency budget allocating personnel (over 75 employees), indirect expenses and client assistance across grants.

Detailed monthly reporting of grant expenditures and balances is required. This tracking and analysis requires adjustments of employees’ grant allocations to reflect time-and-effort records and the changing sources, duration and amounts of grant income. The Accounting Manager will be responsible for preparing internal monthly actual versus budgeted expenditure reports for management to highlight variances.

Grant income is received on a reimbursement basis. The Accounting Manager submits monthly reimbursement requests, including supporting documentation, to KOR, CWS and EMM. Payment requests to other grantors, local and federal, are submitted on a quarterly basis. The Accounting Manager must oversee agency compliance with respect to approval and documentation of expenditure and allowability of expenditure under specific program grants.

The Accounting Manager will coordinate with and support other staff involved in a range of financial management activities. KRM currently disburses over $4 million dollars in federal refugee client assistance a year. This includes over $2.5 million dollars in direct cash assistance checks disbursed to clients, and additional disbursements of client rent checks, bus passes, food cards and petty cash. Financial controls and supporting documentation for all client assistance must be maintained. A full-time Accounts Payable Specialist in Louisville processes the bulk of agency client assistance requests and other payments.

A Bookkeeping Assistant at KRM Lexington assists with the smaller volume of payment and client assistance requests from that office. A Human Resources and Operations Specialist in Louisville assists with payroll (through an ADP online interface and payroll processing service), employee benefits administration, and the management of various contractor and vendor agreements (liability insurance, vehicle leasing, IT).

The Accounting Manager must reconcile KRM bank accounts and credit card statements on a monthly basis.

KRM relies heavily on in-kind donations, including furniture, household items and volunteer hours. The Accounting Manager works with the Donations and Volunteer Coordinators to ensure an accurate recording of all donations and inventory.

The agency receives a high number of monetary donations by check and through the KRM website ( The Accounting Manager will be responsible for overseeing the recording and processing of all monetary donations.

Good interpersonal and communication skills are a must. The Accounting Manager will interact with program staff on a daily basis on matters related to individual program budgets, the charging of expenses to various grants, and other compliance and expense allocation matters.

Agency financial transactions are currently entered in QuickBooks, with a large number of classes based on funding source. Applicants must be efficient and knowledgeable in searching transactions and running reports in QuickBooks. The Accounting Manager must be able to key in a significant volume of data into QuickBooks.

The office working environment is casual, but fast-paced and interactive, with staff serving a heavy caseload of recently arrived and long-term refugees and immigrants. Office culture promotes a collaborative team approach across departmental lines.

Applicants’ identification with the KRM’s mission of providing humanitarian assistance and welcome to refugees without respect to race, national origin or religion is assumed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with agency management on the development of individual program budgets and overall agency budget
  • Obtain and maintain a thorough understanding of the financial reporting and general ledger structure, particularly OMB guidelines with respect to federal grants management
  • Submit monthly or quarterly reimbursement requests as specified by grantors
  • Monitor agency receivables, reimbursement schedules and cash flow
  • Ensure an accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year-end close
  • Ensure the monthly and quarterly bank reconciliation activities are performed in a timely and accurate manner
  • Maintain employee grant allocations; update on instructions from management to reflect time-and-effort records and changing sources, duration and amounts of grant income
  • Collaborate with management and grants development staff to prepare grant applications and effectively implement program funding
  • Prepare annual agency budget for Board approval
  • Analyze budget and expenditure variance and trends; forecasting activities
  • Oversee disbursement and recording of agency’s substantial client assistance budget
  • Develop/update written policies and procedures governing financial controls
  • Train and consult with agency client services staff on grant and accounting requirements
  • Respond to inquiries from the Executive Director, Program Leaders, and Board regarding financial results and special reporting requests
  • Oversee the annual independent financial statement audit
  • Oversee recording and processing of all in-kind and monetary donations
  • Calculate agency inventory
  • Oversee agency payroll processing, including payroll deductions and PTO calculations
  • Oversee agency benefits administration
  • Manage and oversee agency contractor and vendor agreements and billing
  • Allocate staff duties to ensure efficient performance related to compliance, reimbursement requests, accounts payable, payroll, benefits administration, donations, contractor and vendor agreements; grants and budget management

Founded in Louisville in 1990 as a nonprofit agency, KRM is a local affiliate of Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries, two of nine national voluntary agencies authorized to provide resettlement services to refugees legally admitted through a U.S. State Department program. KRM Louisville currently resettles over 400 refugees a year, while the KRM Lexington office resettles over 200. KRM’s Louisville office also serves several hundred Cuban and Haitian immigrants—mostly Cuban—through a U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) program administered by Church World Service.

KRM secures housing and medical care for clients and provides them with comprehensive case management including employment services, educational and cultural orientation programming, and specialized programs for refugee youth, mothers with pre-school children, and elders. KRM offers classes for refugees and immigrants preparing to apply for U.S. citizenship. The agency’s immigration attorneys and staff provide a full range of immigration legal services, including path-to-citizenship, family reunification and asylum applications.

KRM’s Louisville office currently has over 75 full- and part-time employees, fluent in 13 languages. Primarily federally-funded, with staff and clients from diverse cultural and faith backgrounds, KRM does not engage in any religious activities or messaging in providing its services to clients.

Compensation Details

  • Salary negotiable based on experience. Please state any minimum salary requirement.
  • Benefits include health, dental, vision and life insurance; paid vacation, holidays, sick and personal days.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • Professional experience as an accountant or controller in an organization of financial scale and complexity comparable to KRM’s
  • Previous experience or strong commitment to an accounting career in the nonprofit sector, with preference given to candidates with grants management accounting experience
  • Ability to work efficiently in QuickBooks
  • Ability to process a high volume of work with accuracy
  • Timely and courteous responsiveness to staff inquiries and requests
  • Ability to work regular, 5-day, 40-hour-a-week office hours to maintain accessibility to staff

How To Apply:

Interested applicants should email a cover letter and résumé by Wednesday, December 6th, to

John Koehlinger
Executive Director
Kentucky Refugee Ministries
969-B Cherokee Road
Louisville, KY 40204

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.