Accreditation Specialist

Employer: Better Business Bureau

Job Description

Company Overview: BBB builds trust among consumers, businesses, brands, and charities. We do this by setting and enforcing standards of trust and providing education, support and resources to both businesses and consumers. We provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible. For more than 100 years, we have been providing people with confidence in their choices.

Position Overview: You’ll be an integral part of the intake and primary support system for BBB Accredited Businesses. You’ll talk to a lot of people, from 3rd generation super small business owners to C suite officers with huge corporations. You’ll help create a digital footprint for businesses and help even more take advantage of all that BBB has to offer. Your success will help more businesses be and do better.

Benefits: BBB offers a competitive salary, a workplace culture of inclusion, cooperation, and communication, and a very competitive benefits package that includes:

  • All the insurance! We offer health, dental, vision, hospitalization, and more
  • Free time! With our generous PTO plan and 9 paid holidays, work/life balance is a reality
  • Discounts! Eligible team members get discounts on wireless service and accessories
  • But wait, there’s more!

Responsibilities: Your work will be in two main areas: Researching and vetting companies that apply for accreditation and implementing and administering benefits for accredited businesses.

Vetting applications is where navigating complex databases, being an advanced internet user, knowing how to do multiple kinds of research, and being able to work with people comes into play. It’s where the whole accreditation process starts.

Implementing benefits is where you’ll apply your technology skills, writing abilities, and creativity. It’s carrying that initial process to the next level and helping new (and existing) accredited businesses take advantage of their accreditation.

When you’re successful in this role, you’ve managed to shorten the amount of time from application to accreditation and increased the proper utilization of BBB programs and services. Not only that, along the way you’ve created new things, built relationships, and helped those same applicants gain several distinct advantages.

Salary Range: < $35,000

Job Requirements:

Requirements: To be seriously considered for this role, there are a few things that you’ve got to have.

  • Experience: You should have worked in a comparable role or be able to explain how what you’ve done is comparable.
  • Education: You’ve got to have a high school diploma or equivalent. You don’t have to have a college degree, but a bachelor’s in marketing, communications, or English certainly wouldn’t hurt.
  • Skills: You’ve got to be great with technology. You need to know how to use a drag and drop web editor, be able to edit and/or manipulate images, be able to build social media pages, be comfortable navigating complex databases, be an advanced internet user, know how to do multiple kinds of research, and more. 
  • Abilities: You’ve got to be a good writer, someone that understands how to take ideas and concepts and communicate them in clear, approachable, and compelling ways. You’ve got to be able to work with people – clients, customers, coworkers, strangers, etc.
  • Characteristics: No one will be breathing down your neck, so you need to be self-sufficient and self-motivated. This role involves a certain level of creativity, so you’ll need to be able to accept and act on criticism – i.e. be coachable. You should have a healthy level of ambition, drive, and initiative.
  • Other: You've got to be able to pass a background check, and you must be eligible to work for any employer in the US.

How to Apply:

Send your cover letter and resume to Paul Blakeley at

No phone calls, please.