Americorps VISTA Database Coordinator and Grant Researcher

Employer: Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc.

Job Description

Catholic Charities of Louisville is an apostolate of the Archdiocese of Louisville and member of Catholic Charities USA. We provide service for people in need, advocate for justice in social structures, and call the entire Church and other people of good will to do the same.

Catholic Charities of Louisville is the social-service arm of the Archdiocese of Louisville. We provide help and create hope for the poor and vulnerable through a wide range of programs, assisting clients of all races, backgrounds and beliefs. Our service area includes 24 counties throughout Central Kentucky.

Catholic Charities of Louisville was established in 1939 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) human service organization in 1993. It is one of over 160 Catholic Charities USA social service agencies in the United States.

Catholic Charities of Louisville has established three core values to represent us as an organization and are a gauge for how we work with each other as well as our clients and partners. They are Welcome, Strengthen, and Empower.

This is an AmeriCorps VISTA full-time position for one year from 7/6/2020 – 7/5/2021 with a bi-weekly stipend of $479.08. Please see additional benefits below. 

Summary: The Database Coordinator and Grant Researcher will identify problems, create solutions/phases and implement processes around the clean-up and management of Catholic Charities volunteer / donor database, improve organization and functionality of the grants database, and help search for grant opportunities aligned with its mission.

Salary Range: < $35,000

Job Requirements:

Essential Duties and Tasks:

Objective 1: By December 20, 2020, assess the current state of Catholic Charities of Louisville (CCL) volunteer and donor database and its efforts in managing volunteers and donors’ data as well as reaching and selecting volunteers and donors. Create or revise policies, procedures, and documents to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the volunteer recruitment and donor system.


  1. Become familiar with the Little Green Light (LGL) database, CCL internal policies, procedures, and documents related to the volunteer recruitment and donor plans by September 30, 2020. Identify the database’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Work closely with both the Director of Development and CCL’s Volunteer Coordinator to clean up and improve the functionality and management of the LGL database.
  3. Work with finance department around best ways to reconcile financial data.
  4. In collaboration with the Development Department’s leadership, develop a written plan for better organizing and controlling the volunteer and donor information going forward by October 31, 2020. Research best practices and incorporate into the plan by October 31, 2020.
  5. Teach CCL staff how to use the system in a way that creates procedures to data entry. Instruction to staff would be both in person and in creation of a training manual that showcases best practices, rules, and guidelines for data entry.

Objective 2: Improve CCL’s private funding search, applications, and grants management.


  1. Assist the CCL Grants Team in updating and managing the GrantHub database to clarify job flow.
  2. Get familiar with the mission of CCL and its programs by July 31, 2020.
  3. Researching grant the opportunities that are aligned with the CCL mission and programming and the FY2021 budget.


College education


This work is performed in an office setting with moderate noise due to computers, printers, and people moving about, and performed in the community representing the agency.


  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
  • Specific vision abilities include close and distant vision
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle stressful situations
  • Ability to accurately examine and analyze information
  • Ability to multi-task and change gears quickly
  • Ability to problem solve and initiate plans
  • Ability to self-learn and teach others

telephone, computer, printer, copy machine, fax machine, calculator, scanner, and shredder


  • Must have strong organization skills to sift through data; computer savvy.
  • Must enjoy researching and problem solving
  • Must possess strong teaching skills to teach others new processes and create manuals
  • Must be able to collaborate well with others and with giving/receiving suggestions
  • Must be able to communicate well verbally and in writing with colleagues, donors, and volunteers
  • Must be proficient in PC skills including Microsoft Office and Outlook as well as working with databases and doing online research.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality of information
  • Must demonstrate self-confidence, initiative, flexibility, good supervisory skills, and a high degree of professionalism


VISTA Benefits

  • Living Allowance – view detailed information here on benefits
  • End of Service Award: – Education Award ($6,195) – for student loans or future education – End of Service Cash Stipend ($1,800) – used for anything
  • Healthcare Benefit – option for those with & without insurance
  • Child Care – specific eligibility requirements
  • Relocation: +50 miles, per-mile reimbursement, settling in allowance ($750), & close of service travel – Sites are expended to reimburse VISTAs for any local, service-related travel
  • Loans: deferment and forbearance
  • Leave: 10 sick days, 10 vacations days
  • Professional Development: courses, webinars, training
  • Non-Competitive Eligibility – 1 year special status; helps to get federal jobs

How to Apply:

*Applicants must apply through the AmeriCorps website