Executive Director

Employer: CrossRoads Ministry

Job Description

Type of Position:  Full-Time, Salaried


The Executive Director oversees, promotes, and supervises the ongoing mission and work of the organization in collaboration with the staff.


The primary responsibility of the Executive Director is to serve as an ambassador of the ministry through maximizing development opportunities, providing supervision for all staff, and supporting the day to day work of the ministry. Additionally, the Executive Director will work on the coordination and implementation of a limited number of retreats. CrossRoads operates under a team ministry model, and the specific responsibilities of the Executive Director will develop from the collaborative relationship between all staff persons.

The responsibilities of the Executive Director fall into three general categories:


  • Contribute to the scheduling and planning of retreats, including:
    • Creation and enhancement and ongoing evolution of retreat materials, themes, and schedules.
    • Coordination of logistics (TARC schedules, meals, etc.)
    • Recruitment (when appropriate).
    • Managing relationships with partner schools, churches, and other organizations working with CrossRoads (including scheduling and creating written contracts for all planned retreats and programs).
    • Creatively embodying Gospel values in the format of intensive and profound retreat experiences.
  • Contribute to facilitation of retreats, including:
    • Direction of activities.
    • Oversight of and responsibility for groups of retreatants.
    • Prayerful engagement of retreatants.
    • Processing the experience through deep, theological reflection.
    • Leadership by example of sincere and conscientious participation.
    • Management of logistical concerns.
    • Very occasional overnight presence for overnight retreats when necessary (<3 per year)


  • Create and maintain relationships with granting organizations, foundations, communities and other institutions to increase the support and financial sustainability of CrossRoads staff, programs, and facilities.
  • Organize and implement fundraising events, including:
    • Oversee organization of Hearts on Fire, the annual art show/auction.
    • Organizing Trivia Night.
    • Empowering others to volunteer.
    • Coordinating the details of the events.
    • Solicitation of sponsorship and donations for the events.
  • Oversee the Associate Director of Communications on the implementation of the Annual Report
    • Providing an end of the year financial report to donors.
    • Inviting all members of the database to affirm and support the ministry financially.
    • Reflecting and sharing the mission and story of CrossRoads.
  • Reach out to others by embodying the mission of CrossRoads and nurture the circle of support, including:
    • Maintaining a relationship with St. William staff and community by belonging to the Community Ministries Circle and being a regular presence at Mass and community events.
    • Maintaining relationships with organizations of parallel interest by sharing resources and wisdom through conversations, presentations, and/or other collaborations.
  • Coordinate the CrossRoads Board of Directors and work collaboratively with the board President, officers, and other members, including:
    • Attendance at monthly Board meetings and other sporadic subcommittee meetings.
    • Collaborate with members of the Leadership Team subcommittee of the Advisory Council.
    • Permanently sit on the Development Team.
  • Intentionally practice spiritual, personal, and professional development, including:
    • Weekly staff meetings.
    • Regular staff prayer.
    • Organize, plan, and implement three CrossRoads staff retreats.
    • One personal retreat.
    • Monthly mentorship meetings for the first year of employment.
    • Preparation for and participation in monthly and quarterly evaluations.
  • Create and maintain relationships with donors in order to financially sustain and grow the CrossRoads staff, programs, and facilities, including:
    • Inviting individuals to CrossRoads to solicit funds and support.


  • Manage, guide, and support the staff of CrossRoads, including:
    • Hiring, training, forming, and maintaining a functioning staff.
    • Overseeing the day to day activities of CrossRoads.
    • Preparation for and facilitation of quarterly staff evaluations.
    • Oversee administrative volunteers.
  • Manage the finances of the organization, including:
    • Create the annual budget, manage, and oversee it throughout the year.
    • Reviewing income and expense statements.
    • Making decisions regarding the finances of CrossRoads.
  • Uphold correspondence and communication on behalf of the organization, including:
    • Checking and responding to the voicemail.
    • Checking and responding to the email.
    • Oversight of the monthly e-newsletter.
    • Writing articles for the quarterly newsletter.
  • Contribute to maintenance of the Butler Center, including:
    • Scheduling use of Butler Center facilities.
    • Being aware of the state of the building.
  • Management of files and records, including:
    • Management of organization budgets and financial statements.
    • Oversight of donor database.
    • Overseeing all invoicing.
    • Creating and maintaining employee files.
  • Management and oversight of legal obligations to state and Federal governments

Salary Range: $35,000 - $50,000

Job Requirements:

Demonstrated Qualifications Needed:

  • Commitment to the vision, mission and values of CrossRoads
  • Passion for gospel justice
  • Desire to work predominantly with high school and college-aged people
  • Commitment to deep prayer
  • Interest in retreat ministry
  • Call to work in a faith-based environment
  • Effective written and oral communications skills
  • Undergraduate degree in theology or religious studies or equivalent life experience
  • Ability to work both independently and in collaboration with others
  • Computer proficiency (word processing, internet research, web site development)
  • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously

How to Apply:

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to hiring@crossroadsretreats.org