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Employer: Southern Indiana Alignment

Southern Indiana Alignment
Executive Director Search

The Board of Directors of Southern Indiana Alignment (“So IN Alignment”) is seeking an Executive Director who is a dynamic, innovative leader capable of managing a start-up regional non-profit organization with multiple volunteers working collaboratively to align resources and design solutions to address issues critical to Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, and Washington counties.

An Executive Summary describing So IN Alignment follows this position description.

Position Overview
The Executive Director is a passionate community advocate responsible for leading a diverse group of volunteers in the strategic implementation of programs that promote greater citizen involvement in shaping our region’s future. The Executive Director will implement the mission, strategic goals and objectives of So IN Alignment; provide direction and leadership between and among the community partners; and facilitate the creation of a regional collaboration to move the needle on identified community needs and priorities.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Program Planning, Development and Evaluation

  • Establish/use Alignment USA processes and technology to achieve goals and facilitate solution ownership
  • Support an organizational infrastructure that maintains sustainability and viability as volunteers and leaders change
  • Maintain a strong, balanced Board of Directors, Operating Board and Alignment Teams
  • Assist in obtaining 501c3 determination from IRS for So IN Alignment organization
  • Develop strategic plans both regionally and by county to support the organizational mission, goals and objectives
  • Develop agreements and community partnerships to meet the So IN Alignment mission and strategic plan(s)
  • Facilitate and support the solution designs of the Alignment Teams
  • Utilize community resources to manage projects
  • Attend board meetings and serve as ex-officio member on its committees
  • Prepare and deliver Executive Director reports and other reports as required by the Governing Board

Fiscal Management

  • Develop annual budget for review and approval by the Governing Board
  • Manage financial affairs by ensuring proper appropriation of funds
  • Manage grant awards and gifts to meet all financial and programmatic provisions
  • Review and approve all reports to all funding sources
  • Other financial management duties as may be assigned

Resource Development

  • Obtain annual financial support for So IN Alignment from individuals, corporations and foundations
  • Develop Resource Development Plan to support So IN Alignment’s strategic plan initiatives
  • Strengthen and diversify the organization’s funding sources

Marketing, Public Relations and Community Engagement

  • Manage all public and media communications with assistance of Board of Directors
  • Articulate So IN Alignment’s mission through its website and other media channels
  • Plan and secure community resources to deliver solution design of Alignment Teams
  • Manage relationships with community partners such as educational institutions, school corporations, hospitals, businesses, nonprofits, economic and workforce development agencies, residents and more
  • Serve as a “unifier” and consensus-builder within the region
  • Assist in the development of future regional leaders
  • Enhance relationships between all regional entities
  • Increase the region’s visibility and influence with key stakeholders and the general public
  • Facilitate and mediate conversations on complex, difficult issues


  • Bachelor’s degree required, with a strong preference for a Master’s level degree in a related field. Minimum of 5 years of proven leadership accomplishments, operational management experience and community service or equivalent with at least 2 years of direct supervisory experience. Proven successful fundraising experience from individuals, corporations and foundations required. Previous experience with non-profit and community organizations and volunteers is preferred.

Competencies, Experience and Characteristics:

  • Proven ability to foster successful collaboration among diverse parties in regional efforts
  • Excellent in problem solving, communication and organizational skills
  • Strong understanding of higher education, K-12 school districts and community cultural and economic challenges in this region
  • Effective facilitation skills, strong leadership, creative and independent thinking
  • Ability to think , operate and implement on a regional level
  • Strong computer, social media and technology knowledge
  • Effective in creating and maintaining relationships
  • Knowledge of political challenges within the local community
  • Experience working with non-profit boards or governmental boards
  • Experience in organizational change and change management
  • Grant writing experience and grant management/reporting experience
  • Proven successful fundraising experience from individuals, corporations and foundations
  • Fearless and persistent; diplomatic

The Executive Director position is an Independent Contractor position without benefits. Competitive salary offered, commensurate with experience and qualifications.

To Apply:
E-mail resume, cover letter, salary requirements and 3 references with direct knowledge of applicant’s previous experience to GailP@1si.org on or before noon on Monday, June 12, 2017.

The Search Committee will begin reviewing resumes on June 12, 2017. Finalists will be notified. Interviews will be held on Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

Executive Summary – Southern Indiana Alignment

Southern Indiana Alignment will serve as the umbrella organization ensuring all key regional stakeholders in the five county area of Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington counties in Southern Indiana focus on the same long-term objectives and outcomes for our communities.
So IN Alignment is a community-led partnership of regional stakeholders including K-12 school districts, post-secondary institutions, philanthropic and non-profit organizations, businesses, and local government representatives, focused on regional collaboration to address the themes of sustained economic growth, ensuring quality of place and quality of life, and that services delivered will match each county’s needs. Led by its governing board and Executive Director, teams of volunteers across all sectors and all counties will be established. Known as Alignment (or “A”) Teams, these committees of experts in specific areas will develop solution designs (strategic action plans) to address and positively impact the issues identified by community input; facilitate, support and monitor the action plans; and measure and evaluate “collective impact” progress, with a ‘continuous improvement’ approach.

Background. In 2015, the Cradle to Career Quality of Life (“CCQL”) Initiative was launched with a planning grant from Indiana Association of United Ways through Metro United Way. After learning about the community needs assessment that the Foundation was developing in partnership with the IUS AREC, Metro United Way approached Foundation staff to seek out a partnership in launching the work of the CCQL. Through a series of community meetings, beginning in fall 2015 and conducted over an eight month period, which included the presentation of data and information in areas such as Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, Workforce Development, Health, Human Services, etc., the activity of the CCQL brought together key stakeholders in our five county area (Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, & Washington) to identify how we are all interconnected and figure out how we can all work together collectively to produce a strategy for improving quality of place in our communities. Through this plan, endorsed and supported by key stakeholders, resources and efforts were identified and aligned with research supported, data-validated information which drives improving educational and economic outcomes. In particular, efforts in Early Childhood Education and Talent Development have been initiated by the CCQL.

The CCQL group reached a point where a regional infrastructure was needed in order to put the ideas developed from all of the initial ground work into action. Rather than trying to re-create the wheel, the group investigated other successful regional models already in place across the country and decided to partner with Alignment USA. Alignment USA (“AUSA”) was formed from Alignment Nashville in response to a growing nationwide interest in the success of Nashville’s collective impact model of coordinated support framework of Alignment principles, structure, process, and technology to drive action for improving quality of life in communities.
The CCQL group strongly believes the Alignment model will help foster collaboration and communication between sectors and among stake holders in our five county region. Sixteen other Alignment communities nationwide have implemented this collective impact model in their communities very successfully and their communities are thriving and growing now more than ever before.
Two regional community-wide stakeholder planning sessions were facilitated by AUSA and held on April 17 and May 23, 2017. From those sessions, these elements were identified as necessary for the success of our region:

  • unified and focused leadership
  • sustainable employment and career opportunities
  • accessible and comprehensive behavioral health and wellness resources
  • diverse, quality transportation options for all incon onome levels
  • comprehensive regional infrastructure plan
  • high quality educational attainment cradle through careers
  • diverse, quality housing options for all income levels

Governance and Operation. So IN Alignment will establish a Board of Directors which will oversee the policy-making and vision of the organization. A separate Operating Board will also be established to monitor the work of the individual A Teams in their solution design efforts, and connect them to needed resources. A Teams will be established with community input and expertise to research and plan effective solutions to regional needs.