Information and Communications Coordinator

Employer: South Louisville Community Ministries

Job Description

Louisville Rapid Access Network’s mission is to bring front-line service providers, family advocates, funders, and decision makers into direct collaboration around meeting the specific urgent, ongoing needs of our most at-risk populations. We believe in an equity-focused strategy that cultivates accessibility, a strength-based approach, and sustained human engagement.

Job Overview:

This person will be first and foremost a communicator. They will collect relevant, helpful information from and for the direct service providers and community advocates. They will invite and listen to those who are working directly with those living in chronic poverty and transform their challenges and opportunities to concise reports and other tools of communication for partners in this work, including foundations and decision makers. They will track these opportunities for collaboration and challenges that need to be addressed in a transparent and interactive way.

This network and position are both new which means there is opportunity for creativity and initiative. This job is highly collaborative and also requires excellent interpersonal skills. We are looking for an organizer who can be flexible in approach and accessible as a communicator in order to meet people where they are. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is equally as passionate about LRAN’s values.

Reports To: The Information and Communications Coordinator will report to a small committee representing LRAN’s Steering Committee and the Association of Community Ministries. Please note that this position is paid for by the Association of Community Ministries.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Facilitate LRAN calls twice a week by moderating conversation, taking detailed notes, and/or inviting partners to join the conversation

  • Identify and participate in meetings and discussions from expert groups and community leaders to get a comprehensive understanding of real-time challenges and opportunities

  • Write and disseminate weekly reports that reflect information collected throughout the week

  • Coordinate new collaborations by connecting people and finding solutions to help get the initiative off the ground

  • Coordinate trainings and workshops that are asked for by the network

  • Build a tracking system for tangible goals that were identified by the network

  • Engage in LRAN’s Message Board to help disseminate accurate information and connect people when it is helpful

  • Participate in research and data compilations to support equitable, accessible support

  • Advocate for more equitable, people-centered, strength-based, accessible strategies

Salary Range: < $35,000

Job Requirements:

  • Demonstrated expertise in communications, information technology, journalism, social work, nonprofit management, or another relevant field

  • A commitment to our core values, creativity, and the desire to be a champion of those living in chronic poverty

  • Demonstrated excellence in content creation, editing, and curation

  • An innate curiosity paired with the ability to collect, analyze, and report on data to inform decisions

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative spirit

  • Demonstrated experience using Google Applied Digital Skills and communication platforms

How to Apply:

Please email Clare Rutz Wallace at your resume and cover letter in which you introduce yourself and choose one of LRAN’s values and describe what that means to you. Application deadline is July 1, 2020.