Kentucky Book Festival Director and Special Projects Coordinator

Employer: Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc.

Job Description

The Kentucky Book Festival Director, under the supervision of the Executive Director, is responsible for the coordination and execution of the activities of the Kentucky Book Festival and all related events and programs of the book festival scheduled throughout the year.

Responsibilities include:

1. Planning: Collaborate with staff, and committees to prepare budget, event schedule, schedule, select authors and vendors, etc. Identify and explore ways to improve and expand event. Communicate with existing committees/task forces and create new committees/task forces when/if necessary.

2. Marketing/Promotion: Work with Assistant Director, Marketing and PR and event consultant to develop marketing and promotion strategies, including but not limited to social media, print, radio, TV and open air advertising, and media partnerships. Develop plan for pre-event outreach to bookstores, libraries, and other like-missioned organizations across the region.

3. Fundraising: Collaborate with staff, board, committees, and ED to develop fundraising strategy, including sponsor retention and acquisition and identification of potential individual, corporate, and foundation funders; create collateral materials to aide ED in presenting partnerships or sponsorships to potential constituents; identify grant opportunities. Solicit advertising for KBF catalog and work with advertisers and Marketing staff to create and meet deadlines for ads, and with fiscal officer to bill advertisers in a timely manner.

4. Organizing: Work with board, Author Selection Task Force, staff and volunteers to acquire adequate staffing and talent for the event. Communicate with vendors for timely security and contract negotiations for event spaces, equipment, catering services, hotel accommodations, point of sale services, and book orders. Develop production timeline, stage schedule, etc. Issue invitations and rejections to authors, and collect materials needed for catalog listings from accepted authors. Communicate with authors on programming, logistics, etc. Work in Filemaker (database) to keep accurate author records.

5. Execution: Collaborate with staff, volunteers, authors and vendors to ensure production, staging, signage, etc., is effective and efficient. Collaborate with staff and volunteers to ensure needs of patrons, authors, and guests are being met during event. Oversee on-site event closing activities.

6. Post-Event: Collect feedback from staff, volunteers, authors, vendors and patrons as applicable. Address immediate issues with members of any of the aforementioned groups. Identify other pain points or growth opportunities and formulate plans to address them. Work with bookseller partner and fiscal officer to reconcile sales numbers, expenses, and revenues, and settle any outstanding invoices. Send notes of thanks to special guests, participants, outstanding volunteers, and sponsors.

7. Reporting: prepare and disseminate reports to the appropriate staff and committees.


This person will also serve, under the Executive Director, as Special Projects Coordinator of the Kentucky Center for the Book (CFB) and other special projects and administrative activities as assigned by the Executive Director.

1. Communication: Act as liaison between Kentucky Humanities and the Library of Congress/Center for the Book

2. Programming: work within CFB guidelines to create new CFB programs or brand existing programs as CFB. Coordinate Letters About Literature program for Kentucky. Coordinate and execute attendance at the National Book Festival Pavilion of States (usually in September) and the Center for the Book Idea Exchange (can be attended in person or via webinar in May)

The successful applicant will be highly organized, energetic and a collaborative office worker. It is important that this person is computer literate, pays attention to detail, and is precise in working with database software. This person will serve as the first point of contact for people contacting the Kentucky Humanities concerning the Kentucky Book Festival and special project by the phone, by email, and in person. Additional requirements: occasional travel.

An equal opportunity employer, Kentucky Humanities provides an excellent working environment and benefits.

Salary Range: $35,000 - $50,000

Job Requirements:


· Bachelor’s degree or higher

· 2 year’s experience in a director, coordinator, or administrative role

· Excellent communication skills

· Proficient in MS Office, database software, and web applications

How to Apply:

Application: Applicants should submit a letter of interest and a current resume to:


Mr. Bill Goodman

Executive Director

Kentucky Humanities

206 E. Maxwell Street

Lexington, KY 40508



Deadline for Applications: Application screening begins September 1, 2018 and continues until the position is filled.


Proposed Start Date: October 15, 2018. This will allow some overlap and training with the existing Kentucky Book Festival Director.