Match Grant Coordinator (full-time)

Employer: Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Job Description

The Match Grant Coordinator oversees a six-month financial assistance, case management, and employment program for newly-arrived refugees.

The program has limited enrollment, currently about 15 families per year. Early employment within 180 days after arrival is required for at least one adult member of each case. As a result, the Match Grant caseload is comprised of refugee and immigrant families whose heads of household have good prospects for obtaining early employment.

One of the Match Grant Coordinator’s principal responsibilities is disbursing and tracking financial and in-kind assistance for Match Grant enrollees until they achieve employment/self-sufficiency or time-out of the program at 180 days after arrival. Financial assistance will be in the form of rent, utility, food and other miscellaneous assistance.

Under federal Match Grant program guidelines, the agency is responsible for matching federal cash assistance for program administration and direct client support with local in-kind support. Specifically, the Match Grant Coordinator must raise, in aggregate, $1,300 in cash or in-kind support for each client enrolled in the program. This local support can include cash assistance donated to families for rent and other basic needs; volunteer hours and mileage; or material items donated to the family: for example, furniture, household items, used cars and computers. All local support counted as match must be documented with the method of valuation clearly explained.

To meet this match requirement, the Match Grant Coordinator coordinates with volunteer teams from local faith-based and other organizations providing support and welcome to newly-arrived refugee families. The Match Grant Coordinator also coordinates volunteer support for Match Grant clients from individuals and student service-learning groups.

Beyond providing families with basis needs support and raising local cash and in-kind support, the Match Grant Coordinator assists families with budgeting and coordinates their early transition to employment and self-sufficiency. The Match Grant Coordinator will ensure that Match Grant clients fully participate in the agency’s employment services program; and coordinate with KRM’s job developers so they can find a suitable job placement for Match Grant clients within the program’s 180-day timeframe.

Importantly, in addition to disbursing and tracking cash and to Match Grant cases, the Match Grant coordinator serves as the refugee family’s primary case manager, responding, in coordination with other KRM specialist staff, to case management needs that may arise, including those relating to housing, medical and mental health care, and children in the family.

The Match Grant Coordinator will also provide some initial resettlement services for prospective Match Grant cases, including airport reception.

Essential Job Functions

·         Read and follow updated federal Matching Grant program guidelines

·         Assess soon-to-arrive and recently-arrived cases for Match Grant program eligibility

·         Coordinate with Match Grant orientation and enrollments with Case Manager

·         Explain thoroughly Match Grant program guidelines to prospective enrollees

·         Maintain an appropriate rate of client enrollments throughout the year

·         Coordinate with case manager on development and implementation of case plans

·         Refer Match Grant clients for other KRM programs they are eligible for (Family Center, ESL, Cultural Orientation)

·         Coordinate with KRM donations staff to secure and deliver additional furniture and household items for MG clients

·         Complete vouchers to provide direct assistance to clients (cash assistance, rent, utilities, bus passes, food cards, mobile phones). Meet regularly with clients to check on need for assistance and disburse assistance

·         Create family self-sufficiency plans with clients and maintain pre- and post-employment budgets

·         Enter casenotes in web-based client databases for all case management services and disbursements to clients

·         Secure and document in-kind donations for the Match Grant program: cash, volunteer hours and mileage, and donated goods

·         Ensure that supporting documentation for in-kind donations, e.g., volunteer logs and receipts for donated items, are collected

·         Submit monthly reports of all client support, included federal funds and locally-raised match

·         Meet with faith-based and other organizational teams, individual volunteers and service groups to coordinate volunteer and other in-kind support for Match Grant clients and the agency

·         Coordinate and cross-train with KRM Lexington Match Grant Coordinator on services and reports

·         Complete a 120-day and 180-day report for each Match Grant case

·         Audit all casefiles at 150 days after arrival

·         Refer clients to KRM employment staff; communicate all client background and case info affecting employment to employment staff

·         Ensure that Match Grant clients maintain full compliance with agency job-readiness training and job placement services

Agency Profile

Founded in 1990 as a nonprofit agency, Kentucky Refugee Ministries is a local affiliate of Church World Service one of nine national voluntary agencies authorized to provide resettlement services to refugees legally admitted to the United States through the State Department’s Refugee Admissions Program. Currently, KRM is receiving refugee arrivals from Afghanistan, Burma, Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Iraq, and Pakistan, with most case coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo. KRM currently receives 250-350 newly-arrived refugees a year.

KRM also currently serves 200 recently-arrived Cuban immigrants a year, as well as small number of individuals from various countries who have been approved for asylum.

Kentucky Refugee Ministries secures housing and medical care for refugees and provides them with comprehensive case management including employment services, ESL and cultural orientation, and specialized programs for refugee youth and elders and the arts. KRM also offers citizenship classes for refugees and immigrants preparing to apply for U.S. citizenship and comprehensive immigration legal services.  KRM’s Louisville office has an immigration legal services office with six full-time staff, including three attorneys, who provide a services to immigrants of all statuses.

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time position. Salary commensurate with experience and background. Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, life insurance; paid vacation, holidays, sick and personal days.

Salary Range: Hourly

Job Requirements:

  • College degree required
  • Strong computer and organizational skills, including proficiency in MS Excel
  • Job will be primarily during normal business hours with some occasional late evening airport receptions required
  • Ability to drive and transport clients by car

Specialized Skills

  • Ability to work with clients of diverse nationalities and cultures
  • Comfort with servicing limited-English-proficient clients and utilizing bilingual interpreters
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to present to and coordinate community volunteers in an individual or group setting
  • Strong orientation to detail and ability to provide clear documentation of services
  • Team-orientation; ability to work in coordination with agency resettlement staff

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should reply with a résumé and cover letter by Wednesday, March 20th to 

John Koehlinger

Executive Director at

Confirmation of application receipt will only be provided to candidates selected for an interview.