Sexual Assault Advocate

Employer: Center for Women & Families

Job Description

OVERVIEW: The Sexual Assault Advocate is responsible for providing medical advocacy, case management and support in hospital and community settings to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence across the Center for Women and Families service region.


  • Provide trauma-informed medical advocacy services to clients affected by sexual assault and intimate partner violence, including:
    • accompany victims during forensic exams
    • assess client needs and concerns and provide case management through practical assistance, advocacy, referral, follow up, and coordination of services
    • provide brief supportive counseling, safety planning, and information on coping to victims and their loved ones
    • walk-in counseling coverage rotation
    • develop and maintain professional relationships with hospital staff
  • Collaborate within CWF and with other coalitions, agencies, networks, organizations, and community partners, particularly in healthcare settings, in order to:
    • develop and maintain accessibility of CWF services to sexual assault survivors;
    • evaluate, enhance, and promote the sexual assault advocacy work of CWF;
    • serve as a resource to other staff, volunteers, and agencies serving sexual assault clients; and
    • participate in the Center’s awareness and education efforts related to sexual assault
  • Fulfill ongoing assigned programmatic duties such as:
    • active participation in staff, team, committee, agency, and assigned community meetings;
    • maintain timely case records and statistics per agency and funder guidelines;
    • provide outreach services and community collaboration as assigned;
    • support the ongoing operation of CWF by assisting in groups;
    • crisis line, shelter staffing, client desk, and other client services as assigned;
    • comply with State reporting guidelines for abuse and neglect; and
    • provide leadership as needed for committees, to facilitate trainings, to advance CWF initiatives, to support volunteers, etc.
  • Maintain job-related knowledge, expertise, and skills by:
    • actively engaging in supervision;
    • staying current on job-related research and publications;
    • successfully completing KCADV Level I Certification within first year of CWF employment and maintaining certification for duration of employment with CWF;
    • participating in agency or external trainings in order to maintain a minimum of 12 hours of annual continued education (CE), of which 6 hours must include training relevant to the provision of Rape/Sexual Abuse services;
    • attaining CPR/First Aid certification within first year of employment and kept current thereafter; and
    • completing a training on Universal Precautions/Bloodborne Pathogens within the first 30 days of employment and keep current thereafter

Salary Range: < $35,000

Job Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 5 years of experience in a related field may be substituted for a degree.


• Developed sense of empathy

• Attitude of growth and learning

• Self-starter

• Confidence in decision making

• Conflict mediation skills

• De-escalation skills

• Organizational skills

• Ability to set and maintain boundaries

• Critical thinking skills

• Ability to remain calm during challenges

• Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing

• Ability to identify problems and offer creative solutions

• Ability to facilitate cooperation among individual and groups


  • Must have a valid driver’s license and maintain a driving record that meets CWF automobile insurance requirements.
  • Fluency in languages other than English are a plus.

How to Apply:

Please apply directly to The Center for Women and Families at