Kimberly May, Life and Wellness Coach

Kimberly May helps busy professionals and business leaders thrive with strategies and tools that help them find their center, prevent and overcome health issues, fulfill their life’s purpose, and achieve a sense of inner well-being.

After burning out from the corporate world, she refocused her energy on getting back to the basics—growing her own food, cooking nutritious meals, exercising, meditating and learning to listen to her body. She spent the last 20 years helping others find balance with lessons learned from her own health journey and from her experience working in five Integrative Health Centers as a wellness coaching specialist, Certified Havening Techniques® practitioner, licensed HeartMath® provider, and reiki master Teacher.

She creates wellness curriculums that foster healthy, sustainable workplaces—each tailor-made to fit the unique needs of each client and company with proven techniques to reduce stress, increase performance and heal the mind, body and spirit. Her workshops result in reduced absenteeism and turnover, higher morale, improved productivity, and overall happier, healthier employees.