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“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”   ~ Yogi Berra

Our world is so complex and is changing so rapidly that developing even short-term plans can seem almost pointless. But the truth is we all make plans, even if we need to change them almost as soon as we complete them. It’s the only way to move forward.

The planning process is as important as the plan itself. We work with you to design and implement pro­cesses that will help you understand the landscape around you, envision where and what you need to be, and chart a course to realize that vision. So when (not if) things don’t go as planned, you can make informed decisions about next steps.

We can tailor all of these options to your organization’s needs:

  • Strategic Plan. Our three- to six-month process helps you develop a tradi­tional, three-year strategic plan. The process includes gathering data (including stake­holder feedback); reviewing your vision, mission, and core values state­ments; analyzing your internal capacity and external landscape; and identifying broad strategic areas of focus. Our consultants support leadership throughout the plan­ning process; facilitate a board retreat (and staff retreat, if needed); and facilitate and docu­ment follow-up meetings with a strategic planning committee to flesh out plan details.
  • Strategic Orientation. Sometimes an organization is not positioned to take on a full strategic plan­ning process but still needs a longer-term roadmap. Our stra­te­gic orientation process can guide your organization until a you can pursue a full strategic plan. The process includes helping you articulate a longer-term vision, analyzing your internal capacity and external landscape, and identifying broad strategic areas of focus. Our consultants plan, facilitate, and docu­ment a board retreat and  a short series of follow-up meetings with a planning team to hone the strategic objectives.
  • Operational Plan with a Strategic Orientation. Sometimes, you just need to iden­tify what to do in the next 12 to 18 months. We help you articulate a vision for your organ­ization three years out – and identify monthly and quarterly operational initi­atives to accomplish over the next 12 to 18 months that will help realize that vision. Our consultants plan, facilitate, and document a retreat with board and staff as well as one or two follow-up meetings to finalize the plan.
  • Scenario-Based Planning in Challenging Times. The COVID-19 pandemic, the flounder­ing economy, and the resurgent racial justice movement have presented unprecedented challenges to nonprofit organizations. These challenges have underscored the need for organizations to quickly assess their operating environ­ments and their own capacities, consider the scenarios, and chart and monitor a new way forward. To meet this need, CNPE offers a process to help you develop a nimble, scenario-based, operational plan that:
    • focuses on your financial sustainability and capacity/ability to execute programming;
    • details objectives, strategies, deadlines, and benchmarks for the next 12 months;
    • identifies alternative actions as internal and external conditions and scenarios change;
    • specifies communications to key stakeholders; and
    • explores collaborations / partnerships
  • Mission, Vision, and Values. Your organization’s vision, mission, and core values statements are critical to any planning process. Much more than mere marketing devices or fodder for web pages and brochures, these statements are your organi­zation’s strategic touchstones. Well-crafted statements help you to know what direction to take – and remind you of who you are and why you do what you do. Our consultants can help you create, review, or amend these critical statements, either as part of one of the above planning processes or as a standalone engagement with your lead­ership.
To learn more about CNPE’s consulting services or to retain one of our consultants, contact Ed Cortas, our Director of Consulting Services, at  or 502-618-5329.

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