Community Activation Network (CAN)

Join the Community Activation Network in 2021

CAN’s monthly meeting schedule for 2021 is set out below. Both current CAN members and those interested in participating must sign up for each meeting separately by clicking on its date (you will get a Zoom invitation with the option to save the meeting to your electronic calendar):

January 28
   minutes | video
February 25
   minutes | video
March 25
   minutes | video
April 22
xminutes | video
May 27
   minutes | video
June 24
(no minutes or video)
July 22
   minutes | video
August 26
   minutes | video
September 23
minutes | video
October 28 November 18 December 16

CAN speakers, September 2021At our September meeting, we explored the public safety priorities of the Kentucky legislature. As our panelists, we welcomed Keturah Herron, Policy Strategist, ACLU of Kentucky; Lisa Willner, Kentucky State Representative, District 35; and Morgan McGarvey, Kentucky State Senator, District 19.

At our next meeting, on October 28, we will explore public safety through the eyes of youth in our community, especially those who feel the least safe. In light of recent events, you won’t want to miss this meeting. As our youth panel will no doubt make clear, it’s past time for us all to act to make our community safer. Register for our October CAN meeting here.

Please join us. We want our sector to have as many interconnections as possible, and CAN is one way to accomplish that.

What is CAN and how did it start?

The Community Activation Network (CAN) is a CNPE initiative. An organizing group made up of nonprofit / social impact sector stakeholders began the conversation in July, sharing information through a series of interview questions. You can find analyses of the responses here and here.

These stakeholders first gathered in August 2020 and then monthly starting in October to discuss the interview results and their meaning and to broadly identify next steps – among them, to expand CAN as soon as possible. The group has also grappled with A Path Forward for Louisville, equity in philanthropy, and public safety. You can read the minutes of the August, October, November, December, January, and February meetings to learn more.

CAN aspires to be a network of people and organizations who create and nurture a thriving nonprofit / social impact ecosystem marked by inclusion, co-creation, and interdependence. It is founded on the belief that collective voices and efforts are powerful – indeed, all of us together can accomplish more for our community than any of us can individually.

So, what does that look like?

In terms of function and structure, every meeting highlights an important topic and voices from our sector. And, in each meeting, we spend time in small groups to give everyone a chance to explore the topic and learn. These small groups are designed for sector members to build and strengthen relationships with each other.

CAN is a space where every voice is heard, where information and ideas flow from every corner of our community. It is a space where we can create shared understanding and we can learn from one another on a wide range of topics. It is a space where creative thinking and sharing and learning lead to decisive action on critical priorities that transform our community.

In terms of how we will work together, CAN’s guiding principles are clear:

  • Ensure authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion through all CAN work
  • Co-create priorities with a bias toward action and change
  • Share learning and ownership throughout the sector
  • Value strength of relationships over strength of individuals (power with vs power over)
  • Expand what is good and assess opportunities for growth
  • Share and be a catalyst for connections, access, information, and resource flow
  • Exemplify and advocate

Why this now?

The pandemic. The bifurcated economy that is affecting different sectors of our community so differently. The resurgent call for racial justice. The struggle to communicate across so many different lines within our community. An unprecedented time of challenge and change. But, along with so many others, we believe this is also an unprecedented time of possibility and opportunity. We have the potential to learn so much from these troubles and become more than we are, if only we can come together – all of us – to listen, learn, and then act.

Please join us by signing up for our monthly meetings using the links above.