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Board Self-Assessment Survey

CNPE’s board assessment process starts with a comprehensive online survey. This powerful tool lets boards see clearly where governance talents are being fully realized. It also uncovers opportunities for profound improvements. The survey lets the board examine and rate its effectiveness in 15 critical areas of governance:

  • Values and Vision
  • Mission
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Oversight
  • Resource Development
  • Program Oversight
  • Risk Management
  • Relationship with ED/CEO
  • Board Capacity and Renewal
  • Relationship with Staff/Volunteers
  • Public Relations
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Board Culture
  • Board Member Satisfaction


Board members take the survey online. We present the results at a board meeting and facilitate a directed dialogue to explain just what the data means and what actions might be taken to resolve any issues or make improvements the board feels are imperative.

Beyond helping the board to understand where it is fulfilling its responsibilities and where it needs to do some work, many boards find the survey process itself very educational. Many board members, even experienced ones, are unclear about their roles and duties. Taking the survey and discussing its results clar­ifies expectations.

Organizational Self-Assessment Survey

CNPE’s organizational assessment survey is a powerful tool that reveals an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. It lets leadership review its performance on a dozen typical organizational functions and gauge their effectiveness:

·   Board Governance

·   Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

·   Organizational Planning

·   Financial Management

·   Program Management

·   Development Resource Strategy

·   Human Resources

·   Volunteer Management

·   Information Technology

·   Physical Plant

·   Marketing and Public Relations

·   Organizational Culture

Members of the organization’s leadership take the survey online. We present the results and facilitate a directed dialogue to interpret the data. We help you understand where the organization is performing well and what actions might be taken to resolve any issues or make improvements. This self-assessment tool can be used as a periodic check-up, as part of a stand-alone initiative to improve organizational function, or as part of a strategic planning process.

To learn more about CNPE’s consulting services or to retain one of our consultants, contact Ed Cortas, our Director of Consulting Services, at  or 502-618-5329.

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